Hoarding Mapping: Speculative Design on "Hoarding Disorder" in the Context of Circular Economy (2023)

In the post-pandemic era, while "excessive hoarding behavior" has become a common "symptom", and "hoarding disorder" has gradually entered the public eye and become a new focus of discussion. Based on "hoarding disorder", this design discusses the impact of the future background of "circular economy" on people with hoarding habits in the form of speculative design.

Under the guidance of the design methodology of speculative design, this graduation project takes the main steps of divergent thinking, "Function-Interactive-Appearance" triangular iteration, 3D modeling and technology realization, and takes 3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino and other technologies as the main technical means to complete the final design output. The final output consists of a steel frame structure device with the function of breaking and output items,as well as a large number of paper models for interaction.